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At Heritage Hypnotherapy, I work with children ages 3 and up. I have a high success rate at helping children to help themselves. 

Why so successful

Many doctors and therapists are quick to analyzing the child that they are helping. They are looking to diagnose and assign a label to a disorder or disease. This is not to say that the doctor or therapist is doing anything wrong. They're doing exactly as they were taught to do in college. However, this labeling, diagnosing, and prescribing of drugs does nothing to really help the child with their issue.

What are the first steps

The first steps needed to really help a child is listening to what the child has to say, and how they are truely feeling about things that are happening in their life. I find that most children don't feel as though they are heard. They tell me that it's very frustrating for them. Usually they have tried and tried to get people to listen to them. From what children hear, everyone knows what is best for them, and they (the child) know nothing. Does this help to empower a child to feel and think for themselves? No, it does not. In having worked with many children over the past 31 years I have found over ninety percent of childrens issues are from them not feeling heard, or not feeling as though it's ok to express how they're really feeling.


Every child I work with knows I am really listening to them. Children have a great joy when they find someone who they feel is really listening to them and they feel comfortable sharing what their really feeling with. Upon meeting me children can tell I genuinely care about helping them. I am very skilled at getting them to really dig deep to the feelings they are really having and find out what is really bothering them. I want not only to help them, but have them do most of the work, and allow them to know that they have to ability to help themselves. I want strive to empower children to feel and think for themselves, and know they can do it. Empower a child to know they can achieve anything, they have the ability to do it, and they are going to be very happy and successful in their adult life.

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