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Michael WeirSuccess Stories

The following are success stories from clients who have helped themselves with Michael's help! Check back often as new success stories will be added! Who will be the next success story? Tune in to find out!

Dealing with Anger


Meet Christopher. List to the journey he took that took him from anger to the peace he found from finding one's true self. 

"Anger is something I laugh at... Things can't make me angry..."
Christopher Simmonds

Neurological Disease


From Neurological disease, to health. After a year and a half of searching for answers and not finding the answers to her multiple health symptoms in traditional medicine, she came from New Hampshire and was able to completely heal herself with Michael's help. Watch her incredible story.

"..I basically felt like I was dying. My brain wasn't working at all."

More Success Stories...

Beth was having severe anxiety and panic attacks during her pregnancy.  After working with Michael she was able to be free from her anxiety.

Watch her amazing story.

".. After working with Michael the rest of my pregnancy was a breeze, I was no longer fearful, the panic went away, the anxiety went away.   Over the years I have had several sessions with Michael, all of which led me to the root of my issue quickly, showing and helping me to heal.  Years of therapy could not of gotten to the core of my problems.  An amazing professional and great person to work with.  I was comfortable from the first time I spoke with him."
Beth Young
"He's helped me more that once for different things.  You won't find a more genuine guy" - Joseph Onesta
"You will walk in hoping to get one issue resolved, and walk ou getting so much more than you could have imagined.  Michael will help you get tot he root of your issues with a fresh new insight to take with you for the rest of your life's journey. That's a gift"  - Emily Reyes
"Gets to the core of your issues and guides you in to fixing them.  It is intense and rewarding. I would say one session equals 10 sessions with a regular therapist" - Nancy Custeau
"There's nothing else to say when you are in Michael Weir's hands your with the best. Effortless and totally 100% dedicated to helping you heal.  Just amazing!" - Rick DiClemente
"You can really tell Michael loves what he does and loves helping people.  I brought my daughter to Michael for multiple allergies (dog, cat, dust mites, seasonal).  After a couple of sessions she was completely free of her allergy symptoms! She was so happy and I was amazed.  We are so grateful she doesn't have to deal with allergies anymore!" - Maureen Rodgers
"Michael is the real deal when it comes to helping people with a massive variety of issues that traditional routes just can't resolve effectively, or as efficiently.  The mind has much more power over our physical issues than we can comprehend.  There's always hope.  It can't hurt to call him and ask." - Chris Roy
"I would highly recommend checking Michael out for so many different problems! I went for food allergies which traditional medicine has not been able to help!  He makes you feel comfortable and at ease! I will be recommending his services to my friends!" - Dawn Sartori Hudock
"Michael's work has helped me so much.  One therapy session with Michael is worth at least a half year or more of traditional therapy.  He gets you straight to the matter at hand and helps you walk through the sludge to get to the clear road of your life. I value Michael's work so much that I send my daughter to him too. We all love and appreciate the work he has done to help our family with our emotional healing.  I first saw Michael the summer of 2010. The results of that one session gave me a renewal of confidence and carried me through a rough time. Since then, subsequent sessions have accelerated healing and although I live in the same house and work at the same job, life is no longer the same.  If you want to transform your life and step out of your pain, or get back on your game, or get out of other people's games, then book with Michael Weir." - Holly Gallogly
"There aren't words do describe how amazing Michael is.  I'm a disabled USAF veteran and suffered for years with PTSD, anxiety, depression.  Traditional therapy always fell short.  After my first visit I knew that I was in good hands with Michael and that God had finally led me to the man who would help me heal. My life has improved in more ways than one thanks to Heritage Hypnotherapy"  - Laura Rossell
"I highly recommend Michael for hypnosis because he has helped me on several issues for the last 12 years. My Chiropractor at time back in 2003 recommended me to see Michael to help me with my feet, back, and neck pain. I was having severe muscle spasms and severe pain since 1997 mainly in my feet. I previously was in four car accidents. I tried numerous medical doctors including going to the Mayo Clinic. Doctors recommended trying various medicines which did not help, the medicines just made me sicker. Also the doctors recommended me to get foot surgery on one of my foot to get some relief for the pain which they thought it could be tarsal tunnel. The foot surgery did not work and they recommended orthotics which I had several different types made for me and none of them worked to help reduce my foot pain. Also I tried alternative therapy (acupuncture, cold laser, heat therapy, chiropractic, chelation, and etc.) but never got any relief until I had a few sessions with Michael. The session allowed me to get to the root of my foot pain with regression therapy and talking to my body. The regression therapy included me to go back to several times in my life to help me through various times that I hurt my foot, neck, and back. Under hypnosis I was able to find out how my orthotics needed to be adjusted to be more comfortable in my shoes and it helped me get a pair of shoes that would work for me which allowed me to be able to walk with no pain. At that time I had numerous days I could not walk without having severe pain. A couple years after that I had various women issues (severe endometriosis, fibroids, cysts on my ovaries) which the doctor recommended me to get a hysterectomy. I found out under hypnosis that I needed to get the hysterectomy surgery for my body to heal. Also hypnosis allowed me to be less nervous getting the surgery and it helped me with the pain after the surgery. I could not tolerate prescription pain medicine so Michael helped me to deal with the pain after the surgery without using any prescription medicine when I got home from the hospital. It was amazing that I did so well after the surgery. Over the years I had other hypnosis session with Michael helping me with other issues such as panic attacks, public speaking, acid reflux, and hormone issues. Hypnosis helped me able to get to the issues quickly and find out what I needed to do to help me with the issues. I know I always can count on Michael to help me with any issues I have and this type of therapy is extremely fast to help solve with issues that I have. Michael has a unique gift that he can use to help people heal and deal with their issues. I am truly blessed to have him help me through what every issue I may have. Hypnosis has helped me with various things that the doctors recommended prescription drugs, but the drug is only treating the symptom but does not get to the real issue of the problem. Hypnosis helped me find out how to treat my issue and find out what is really causing the problem. Also it has helped me with what my body needs nutritionally and what hormone dosage that I needed to take for bone health and women menopause issues. It is amazing!! When I have a session with Michael I feel absolutely so much better about the issue and any other issue that my body tells me under hypnosis. The session allows me to find out what my body needs to support the healing process. Michael is a gifted hypnotherapist. Michael is very good in what he does. I appreciate all the support he has given me through the years. Michael is very easy to work with and he makes you extremely comfortable to talk to him about anything. He has such a kind and loving heart, and he really cares about the people he works with. I highly recommend him to help you with any issue you may have and to help you to solve in getting you to a solution to your issue in a fast and effective way to support you in recovering from any of your health issues you may have or any other type of issue. I want to thank Michael for all his help over the years! I don’t know what I would have done without all of Michael’s help.
Love, Michelle S.